Summer Skin Solutions: 6 Ways to Ease Sunburn


How can you ease sunburn?

Umbrella up, toes in the sand, designer frames on and white wine in hand. This long-awaited beach day filled with juicy reads and the sound of crashing waves is just what you’ve been waiting for—but sometimes, we get so relaxed in the warm summer rays that we forget to re-apply that sunscreen hiding in our tote.

Sunburn happens. You could take all the necessary precautions and still get burned. Fortunately enough, there are some easy methods to treat sunburn at home without seeking further medical help.

Healing Tips

Cool the skin

Place damp towels on the skin, these towels can be moistened with aloe vera gel, and leave on the irritated area for 10-15 minutes. Repeat this process a few times throughout the day. This is done to trap water in the skin, easing the painful dryness of sunburn.

Don’t peel, moisturize

Our bodies naturally try to heal themselves, so picking and peeling at burns will disrupt the body’s natural healing process. Use products with aloe and cocoa butter. Cocoa butter melts at the skin’s temperature, which allows the moisture to soak in at a natural pace. Also, a bath with oatmeal will soothe and moisturize the skin.

Take a pain reliever

If you are experiencing swelling or redness, take an over-the-counter pain reliever such as ibuprofen or naproxen. Not only do these medications reduce pain, they can speed up the recovery process.

Stay hydrated

Sunburn dries out, not only, the outside of our skin but the inside as well. Like most things, healing starts from within, so increase fluid intake to prevent dehydration.

Take your vitamins

Vitamin E is great to take everyday, but it is especially important to boost your intake when healing from sunburn. Vitamin E helps skin retain its natural moisturizers, in addition to reducing redness and swelling.

Protect healing skin

Avoid sun exposure as much as possible—wear hats and tightly woven clothing. Also, before bed, sprinkle baby powder on your sheets to alleviate discomfort and reduce chafing.

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