Physician Assistant: Ranked as #1 Job in 2015

Physician Assistant

“Physician Assistant” Ranked as #1 Job in 2015

Physician assistants of the world, rejoice! Apparently, you have one of the top 25 jobs based on Salary and job openings.

GlassDoor, a website dedicated to reviewing jobs, released its average annual job salary information recently. And of its list that ranked 25 positions, physician assistant (PA) came out on top! Physician assistant was just above other great careers such as software engineer, business development managers, and human resources managers.

Three main factors were looked at when they ranked these jobs: earning potential (average annual salary), number of job openings, and the career opportunities rating. The results came from highest overall scores which run on 1-5 scale, (5 being a perfect score based off of data collected from their users. All the jobs that were included on this top 25 list had at least 75 recent employee reviews with their site and salary reports.

So, why exactly is it so great being a physician assistant?:

  • Glassdoor Job Score: 4.8 (out of 5)
  • Number of Job Openings: 45,484
  • Average Base Salary: $111,376
  • Career Opportunities Rating: 3.5

What are the job duties of a physician assistant?

Physician assistants do a lot that practicing doctors do actually. They write patient medical histories, diagnose illnesses, prescribe medications, devise treatment plans, order tests, give physical exams, and help assist surgeries.

How do you become a PA?

Not just any old schmuck can be a physician’s assistant. It takes a talented individual to join this particular workforce. Firstly, it requires a 4-year degree and at least 2 years of basic and behavioral science courses before you can even apply for PA programs—which is very similar to being pre-med. Plus, these PA programs require a lot of training beforehand in subjects like chemistry, anatomy, biology, physiology, and microbiology. Accredited PA programs then last about three years. Then of course you need to get certified, get a state license, and be able to maintain that licensing.

Glassdoor does give a little extra advice for people considering one of these listed careers, though. There’s other factors that were not put included in choosing these “best” job titles such as company culture, offered benefits, chance for bonuses, etc.

Some other healthcare-related positions that made it to the list were physical therapist and nurse practitioner jobs.  PTs have an average scoring of 4.3, and over 27,000 job openings. Nurse practitioners have average annual base salary of over $96k and over 15,000 job openings in the U.S.

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