New Year Resolutions for Locum Tenens

New Year Resolutions for Locum Tenens

What are some good New Year resolutions for locum tenens?

About 40% of people will make New Years resolutions this year. Of those, far less will actually achieve them. However, being the overly-optimistic person I am, I still like to believe resolutions made to improve myself each year can come true. The only reason people don’t follow through with these plans after the new year starts is that many set these crazy, unachievable goals. If you set a couple realistic hopes for the year, it’s actually super easy to execute these plans.

Locum tenens have some different goals they want to accomplish than many others though. For us involved in travel healthcare, or any medical field, we wish to solely wish to enhance our health and maintain our happiness. The following are some new resolutions just for locum tenens.

New Year Resolutions for Locum Tenens

Make a year bucket list.

Get out a piece of paper and list off every single thing you would like to do in the coming year. Perhaps you want to find travel physician jobs in a certain city. Or maybe, you want to learn how to make a savory souflee just like one you ate at in NYC last spring. Or, maybe you’ve always wanted to fly in first class but never wanted to shelf out the cash. Whether you get to cross off every item on your list, having a list of things you want to do will make you work harder for the things you’ve always wanted to accomplish. And seriously nothing feels better than being able to cross something off!

Step out of your comfort zone.

The key to having a fulfilling life is by cramming in as many different experiences as you can. Try an exotic cuisine you’ve never had before (if you don’t like it, that’s okay), take a class in a hobby you never tried (you might just find your next passion), strike up conversations with the quiet co-worker at the hospital (you might just make a great new friend), or even learn to play the saxophone!

Get active.

One way travel healthcare professionals can keep themselves moving is by committing to try a new type of exercise with each new assignment. Maybe you try the trendiest new branch of yoga in L.A. and a few months later take a job in Vermont where you start a multi-weekly hiking routine. Exercising doesn’t have to be boring. Mixing it up is a great way to achieve fitness goals in the new year.

Go to more small businesses.

As a traveler, you get to experience more than most. But, if you’re only dining at Applebee’s and shopping at Walmart, you’re doing yourself a huge disservice. 2015 should be the year you vow to support more Mom & Pop’s! Privately owned restaurants and shops will lend you a more personalized look at the culture you are immersed in while also giving you the comfort in knowing you are helping support the local community’s economy.

Put your phone/tablet DOWN.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t always have your phone with you in case of emergencies, but you should make this year one where you live in the real world, not through social media. It’s easy to forget about the important things in life when we’re all staring at our glowing screens. Make an effort in 2015 to spend less time on your smart phone and spend more time having adventures.


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