2015 Healthcare Predictions: What to Expect

2015's Healthcare Predicitions

2015 Healthcare Predictions

The economy upswing has finally reached the healthcare sector and in 2015 we’ll definitely be seeing some major changes. The unemployment rate is estimated to drop to just 6.5% in the new year which will cause more people to feel financially comfortable enough to make doctor visits. Additionally, the drug industry will see some new changes as well. More people are going to be acquiring specialty drugs and having costly procedures done. Ultimately, 2015 will be a year that drug companies, insurance providers, and healthcare professionals reap the benefits.

2015’s Healthcare Predictions

Technology is going to help manage patients.

IDC hypothesizes that 70% of healthcare organizations will invest in mobile apps, remote health monitoring, virtual care, and wearable to combat an influx in patients by 2018. The technological healthcare movement will continue to grow and by using these devices, big data will be able to get collected. Big data and analytics are going to be major players in developing better medical systems.

2015 will be a year where we really look at remote patient monitoring to reach consumers that need special care and cannot easily reach a medical facility. Medical practices such as cardiologists could check a patient’s condition without wasting any time or energy.

Consumers are going to “shop around for physicians.”

Websites, forums, social networks, etc. are going to allow patients to easily share and read reviews of healthcare providers. Physicians and nurses are going to need to be more careful than ever to provide the most caring treatments—and keep a positive attitude. Bad reviews could jeopardize an entire career!

Amazon will become a major medical supplier.

Just like every other product that American’s purchase, Amazon is probably going to make a big entry into the medical supply industry. Amazon Prime already is the perfect way to acquire home goods, so this year we’ll see medical¬† practices are going to be flocking online to purchase items such as surgical gloves, medical gowns, etc. As the demand for medical supplies flocks to Amazon, shipping will likely become free as well. Amazon will not let a financial opportunity go to waste!

Walmart is going to be a big insurance provider.

In October, Walmart announced that they were going to work with DirectHealth.com to “simplify access to health insurance coverage information.” For the confused majority of American’s unable to understand insurance plan options, Walmart’s Healthcare Begins Here¬†will help educate the uninformed healthcare consumer right from any Walmart store. Additionally, they will be offering primary care clinics and cheap generic drugs in their stores nationwide. Convenience and locations will drive millions of Americans into the large discount store chain’s in 2015.

Latinos will be a more noticed healthcare segment.

Just as we saw Latinos getting more attention in this years elections, healthcare providers are now taking notice to their demographic, too. Unfortunately in the past, Latinos have not received fair U.S. health treatment due to financial reasons, language barriers, and legal status issues. However, the 54 million Latinos in our country are a large group of the population and need to be catered to, like any other group.

Services will likely become available to help get medical treatments to this untapped customer group. High quality and low prices will be used to help get this demographic the kind of care the rest of the population receives. The creation of new programs will emerge in this year due to the volume and demand for changes.

Locum tenens are going to be more in demand than ever.

2015 will bring a lot more Americans into healthcare practices nationwide. As the demand for treatment grows, the need for locum tenens also will increase. Travel physician jobs are going to be more necessary than ever in the coming year. Plus, the more openings that become available, the more opportunities doctors will be able to have in exciting American travel and premium benefits!

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