Where Will Locum Take YOU?: Top Cities for Locum Jobs

Thinking about choosing a location for your next locum job? Sometimes the choice can be overwhelming. There’s so many things to consider when looking to temporarily relocate for a travel assignment. If you’re anything like me, it takes a lot of research for me to make decisions. I’ve always been indecisive. (The biggest struggle of my early afternoon every day is what I want to eat for lunch!) So believe me when I say, I know the choice is tough. Paired with the fact that there’s always so many opportunities in places all over the U.S. looking to immediately fill assignments with qualified professionals looking to travel can certainly make choosing a location challenging. So the question is; where are most people looking to go on these adventures in their careers? Luckily for you, I’ve found the answers! Check out these top cities for locum jobs:

Los Angeles Skyline - top cities for locum jobs

Top 10 Cities for Locum Jobs

1. New York City

The big apple. The city that never sleeps. The city so nice they named it twice. Whatever you call it, NYC made it to the top of the list for desirable cities to visit on a locum job. In a place where the transit runs 24/hrs a day and is home to over 8.5 residents, its a no-brainer why so many people want to take on assignments in the biggest metropolitan area in the country.

2. Atlanta

Hotlanta. Whether the historic nature off the birthplace of Martin Luther King or the home of the Braves baseball team is what drives locum professionals to Atlanta, Georgia; all we know is this place is full of flavor. Maybe a town where the question between the age-old “Pepsi or Coke” debate is a rhetorical one (it’s always coca-cola, by the way) and a place where global warming has fortunately made some winter days comfortable and warm (a kind of convenient truth) have travel job seekers flocking here.

3. Chicago

Maybe it’s the classic “the Bears” SNL skit from the early 90’s or the fact that amazing food can be found around every corner; but the Windy City lands a place at number 3 on the list of most popular U.S. cities for locum assignments. Plus, the cost of rent is way cheaper in Chicago than other big cities like NYC or San Francisco.

4. Philadelphia

Truthfully, I’m partial to Philly– the 4th most popular city on the list, because I grew up just outside of it. But hey, there’s a whole movement right now and people are calling Philadelphia the next Brooklyn! The city of brotherly love’s art scene is booming and the city has been evolving a lot over the past decade. Its definitely more than just cheese-steaks and the museum steps from the movie, Rocky. Although, with a locum job in Philadelphia, you could definitely get a chance to reenact that famous scene.

5. Houston

Houston, we do not have a problem (understanding why you’re the fifth most popular city for locum assignments.) The city’s economy has been flourishing, its’ full of young professionals, and the folks here are more likely to dine in a trendy bistro than a cookie cutter chain-restaurant like Chili’s. The home to big oil companies and NASA offer a booming market of jobs and therefore, an overall higher level of sophistication.

6. Ashburn

Ashburn, Virginia may be the least known of the cities on this list, but it’s a very affluent area that locum professionals love. With unemployment half of what it is in the national average and a ranking of the most healthy city in the U.S., this place has driven a fast-paced population growth of nearly 70% since 2000.

7. Dallas

Although Dallas is the second largest metro area in Texas, right behind Austin, it’s still an affordable city. Its population to continues to grow and with it an emerging new cultural scene is developing out of a town that was built on oil, cotton, and cattle industries. Additionally, the shopping mall basically was invented here so the shopaholic healthcare professionals have field days in this city. Its a great mix of Tex-Mex food, spirited nightlife, professional sports, and classic Americana history.

8. Los Angeles

You know when its winter in places like Boston, Chicago, NYC, etc? And, you know how shoveling a car out in the morning just to get to work is the biggest pain? Well, you can expect warm weather no matter the season in L.A. Also, what other place can you think of in drivable distance of snowy alps, dry deserts, and sandy beaches? …Yeah, that’s right.

9. Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is a city big enough to have something wild going on every night, a great art scene, and great parks to explore. But small enough for people to still build up a sense of community and know that you should never hesitate to put french fries on anything!

10. Charlotte

Although Charlotte is known as “Queen City”, the beautiful cityscape, outdoor scenery, and rich history make this city truly fit for a king. After NYC, Charlotte is the second biggest city for banking in the United States. Additionally, it is the 16th most populated city in the country. Recreational activities are never far either; zoos, museums, parks, theater, and sporting arenas are all over.

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