Locum Jobs in Remote Locations: How to Prepare

Locum jobs in remote locations

Prepare for locum jobs in  remote locations

“Being prepared” is a key to success that has been famously followed by the Boy Scouts and anyone who wants to pave a clear path for success. It’s a motto that the best physicians and medical professionals apply when preparing to work any locum jobs in remote locations, but especially locum jobs in far-flung parts of the globe. Whether locum assignments are on a Native American reservation or a clinic located in a remote part of Alaska, here are some things travel physicians should remember when preparing for locum jobs in remote locations:

1. Do your homework. Once you get your locum tenens assignment, take the time to do research about the area. You can ask your recruiter for tips and use online and offline resources. Study the facility you’ll be working in and find out what amenities and attractions are in the area. Become familiar with the area before you depart for your locum assignment.

2. Don’t rely on cell phone service. While cell phone service has become pretty reliable in bustling city and urban settings, more remote locations can be a different story. In locum tenens assignment areas that have irregular geography, desolate roads and a lack of cell phone towers, coverage can be spotty at best. Choose the carrier that has the best coverage where you’ll be traveling and know that at any time you could find yourself without service.

3. Bring a map. If you’ve come to rely quite heavily on GPS and mapping technology to get where you need to go, be aware that these services may not work where you’re headed. There could be signal issues as well as inaccuracies in the directions in a less inhabited area. Remember to print out directions and maps ahead of time.

4. Stock your vehicle. Be sure your vehicle is always fueled up, and keep water and non-perishable foods such as nuts and granola bars in the car. You should also keep a blanket, flashlight and basic tool kit in the trunk. Before hitting the road, let people know where you’re headed and the route you’ll be taking. Travel during daylight hours if possible.

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