Locum Life Tips: Traveling with Children

locum tenens with kids

Travel physicians (or locum tenens) enjoy many enviable advantages. Often, the pay available is higher than what is offered to permanent staff. And, by accepting locum assignments, you have the opportunity to raise well-traveled children who are exposed to a number of different environments. But, it can take some pre-planning and strategy to ensure that travel is an exciting adventure for kids instead of a hardship.

Help Your Children Stay in Touch with Friends

Being taken away from familiar friends can be stressful and unsettling for children. Make it easier for them to keep up with their friends at home by setting up communications applications like Skype on their computers or phones. Talk to your children’s friends’ parents in advance to make sure that your kids will be able to keep in touch.

You may be able to help your child find new friends and confidants by befriending other travel physicians. Meeting children who have traveling experience in common can be a bonding experience for them.

Maintain Continuity at School

To ensure that the adventure of travel does not interfere with your children’s educational success, do as much as you can to maintain continuity. Some families choose to travel only during the summer months to avoid disruptions during the school year. If this isn’t possible, consider an online school. Many states offer these as public school options. When your child goes to school online, the classroom is as close as the nearest internet connection, meaning that studies are not interrupted by travel.

Look Into Cultural Opportunities

One of the advantages of locum jobs is the opportunity to play tourist during your off hours. Many museums offer reciprocal memberships with other museums and attractions throughout the world. Research the memberships available at your local art or history museum in your home town to see if you can find partnerships in your temporary town. These membership privileges are an excellent way to increase your children’s educational opportunities outside of school.

Traveling with your children exposes them to a wide range of history, regional cultures and more. Through travel, you can create a rich experiences and lifelong curiosity about new places that will benefit them a lifetime.

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