Top 5 Cities with the Best Medical Facilities for Locum Tenens

While you may be looking into cities known for constant action and fun, there is another factor that should be considered when choosing a locum tenens assignment destination. Having practice experience within a highly ranked medical facility looks incredible on your resume, so maybe it is time to check out the states where the cities are home to these acclaimed hospitals. Check out the top cities with the best medical facilities for Locum Tenens.

Top 5 Cities with the Best Medical Facilities for Locum Tenens

1.) New York City

The big apple earns its place at number one due to its 55 US News ranked hospitals within its urban area. NYU Langone Medical Center takes top honors in 12 specialties while New York-Presbyterian University Hospital of Columbia and Cornell holds a phenomenal reputation in the practices of neurology, psychiatry, and cardiology. Meanwhile, two Manhattan facilities earned high marks with the Hospital for Special Surgery named number one for orthopedics and the Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center ranked number two nationwide in cancer. NYC will give you opportunities galore to learn and grow if you choose this city to be your short-term home for your locum tenens job.

2.) Chicago

With 36 notably ranked hospitals, the windy city takes a close second. Considering the exceptional work amid the specialties of endocrinology, urology, and diabetes from the Northwestern Memorial Hospital, as well as No. 1 ranking in rehabilitation by the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago, this city is certainly a metropolitan of medical stamina.

3.) Los Angeles

Being home to UCLA Medical Center alone puts LAX in the number three spot. This hospital is ranked with 15 specialties, a number five spot on the nationwide Honor Roll, and holding an impressive title for its concentration in urology, geriatrics, and ophthalmology. The city of Angeles has 36 facilities ranked among the US News lists best hospitals of 2012-14. This, of course, included UCLA, along with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center and Keck Hospital of USC. Looks like LA is much more than a movie town; it is, in fact, a goldmine for locum tenens!

4.) Detroit

Detroit is most often thought of as an economically unstable city when it really should be known as a medical landmark. The greater area of Detroit encompasses Ann Arbor, which has no less than 25 US News ranked medical centers. Detroit’s top institutions comprise of Beaumont Hospital, Harper University Hospital, and the University of Michigan Hospitals and Health Centers. All three of these facilities have been given top marks in various specialties and locum tenens are sure to benefit from an assignment with any of them.

5.) Washington D.C.

With so many hospitals that have been scored high for multiple specialties, our county’s capital closes off the countdown. MedStar Washington Hospital Center is ranked in cardiology, heart surgery, and an overall strong performance in eight other domains. Holding the number eleven spot in the nation for rehab would be none other than the MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital. And as one of the country’s best children’s hospitals, the Children’s National Medical Center is a momentous reason as to why Washington DC is an ideal place for a locum tenens assignment. Plenty of options for practice and unlimited experience to gain. Washington D.C. may be last on our list, but it certainly is still one of the locations for the best medical facilities for Locum Tenens.

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