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When LocumLife published a story about the difficulty for physicians to be away from their families during the holidays, it got us thinking about the benefits of locum tenens summer jobs. Many of you know about the benefits of being a locum tenens physician (traveling the world, excellent compensation, meeting new people, challenging work, the list goes on and on) but you may not know how to choose when to deploy on a locum project.

Locum jobs may be more attractive in the summer months for a variety of reasons. The first being that locum physicians may have the flexibility to be home during the holiday months which can be very important for some families. Secondly, work is usually more enjoyable during the summertime no matter what industry you are in. When locum physicians travel to new cities, it’s much more enjoyable to explore them when the weather is nice, especially in places with harsh winters.

Lastly, summer locum work may be more readily available. Many hospitals in areas that are highly visited during summer months (such as Florida or coastal/beach cities) may need to bolster staff when expecting their population to double. Also, full-time physicians are likely requesting time off during the summer and since patients don’t take vacations, hospitals need to remain properly staffed with physicians on vacation.

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