Locum Tenens Jobs: What You Need to Know

By Erica Ronchetti

A locum tenens physician is a doctor who is temporarily employed in a practice or location until the position is filled permanently. Locum tenens jobs allow traveling professionals to fill in the gaps, ensuring a fully staffed facility and an opportunity for physicians to gain valuable knowledge in real life settings.

Locum tenens is a great opportunity to experience different locations and practices before making up your mind and settling into the one you want to stay at. If you’re a physician thinking about giving up medicine or changing course into a different type of practice, locum tenens is the perfect way for you to try something different. If you’re interested in traveling, locum tenens can be a great way to combine your love for travel with your career. You can literally travel anywhere because locum jobs are available nationwide, and you can decide when and where you want to work. You have the freedom to try out different medical practices and work in a hospital, a clinical setting or even a private practice. Combining your love for travel can also be practical because your locum tenens physician jobs would take you to a variety of locations before settling down and making a permanent commitment.

There are many benefits that go along with locum tenens jobs. For instance, you’d get to practice medicine in areas of high demand where your skills are needed the most. Your earnings would increase and you’d have to work fewer hours, a convenience for physicians who are about to retire. These monetary benefits go along with amazing travel opportunities and the chance to experience living and working all over the nation while gaining clinical experience. You can tailor your locum job to your lifestyle, and enjoy your new freedom.

Locum tenens jobs vary in length; some are short term positions and some are as long as a year. Locum tenens agencies typically provide physicians with malpractice insurance, take care of travel expenses, and pay for assignments at an hourly rate, with overtime compensation as well.

If you’re interested in pursuing a career as a locum tenens physician, don’t hesitate to apply now or contact us today! Visit our website for more information about locum tenens jobs. After working in a locum tenens position, you’ll find you’ve become a confident, highly motivated, and well-trained physician. Take the next step in your career and learn more about how locum tenens is right for you.

Erica Ronchetti is Account Manager for Travel Nurse Source, a recruiting company for traveling nurses. Travel Nurse Source is affiliated with Allied Travel Careers, a recruiting company for traveling physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech language pathologists. For more information on what we do, please visit our websites.

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