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Locum Tenens Physicians

Every year the number of physicians accepting locum physician employment increases. Why? There are a number of reasons.

As locum tenens physician opportunities arise, you fill a temporary need at a medical facility of your choice. There are thousands of physician opportunities for Locums throughout the country and the need for physicians willing to travel is growing. Consequently, locums in various stages of their physician employment can choose to travel to different parts of the country, reside there for an extended period, be handsomely compensated for their efforts, and move on when they feel it is appropriate.

Locum physician employment has some unique characteristics. Generally, these opportunities are in locations in which the need for qualified and dedicated physicians is great. Locum physicians have the satisfaction of practicing in an environment where their skills are genuinely appreciated.

Because the demand for physicians is strong and the number of locum tenens jobs is so large, the compensation packages for physician employment are extremely lucrative and very attractive. Doctors that travel as locum tenens physicians can significantly increase their income compared to a permanent position.

Locum opportunities in specific cities or regions of the U.S. allow physicians to travel to the location of their choice. They can select schedules that allow them to truly experience the destination while getting paid for their time. There is not a more satisfying way to see the destinations and attractions that would normally incur a hefty travel and vacation expense.

Experienced physicians may want to accept locum tenens positions as a means of scaling back their hours as they move closer to retirement. In many cases this will not require a major compromise in income due to the generous compensation for locum physician employment. Residents may want to try locum tenens while they determine where they want to take up permanent positions. It is also a great opportunity to gain valuable experience in different specialties and practice environments.

The living conditions during a locum assignment must be comfortable and housing is normally provided for free or a housing allowance is offered.

The following is a list of some of the key benefits for a physician accepting a locum tenens job. Each agency is unique and specific details may vary from agency to agency. But these should be expected at a minimum.

Examples of the benefits and advantages of locum assignments:

  • Attractive Locations
  • Excellent Compensation
  • Schedule Flexibility
  • Variety of Practice Settings
  • Travel & Housing Support
  • Credentialing Assistance
  • Malpractice Coverage
  • More Direct Patient Care
  • Short & Long Term Assignments
  • 24/7 Agency Support

A physician willing to take a temporary assignment is a very valuable commodity to a recruiter and locum agencies will be extremely competitive in order to obtain their services.

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